custom set electrics


In addition to Programming and Production Electrics, we also design and build custom set electrics to your specification. Please see below for a few examples of shows we've worked on in this respect in the past, and feel free to get in touch to discuss your project.

I Loved Lucy 1.jpg

I loved lucy; arts theatre west end

4x 3m High letters spelling the name of the play's subject and main character. Letters constructed by The Scenery Shop, we installed the RGB LED Tape, each letter individually controllable.

DMX and Power went into and out of each letter via panel mount connections on the rear.

LD Tim Mascall

grey man; theatre 503

We designed and created a lighting effect for four electric heaters on behalf of Director Robyn Winfield-Smith and Lighting Designer Jamie Platt, consisting of a thick orange EL Wire filament and RGB LED Tape in the rear pointing towards the reflector, to boost the intensity. Both EL Wire and LED Tape were dimmable to permit the warming up effect of the heaters, with the cabling covered in a decorative/antique sheath to make it appear more domestic.

Director: Robyn Winfield-Smith
LD: Jamie Platt

GREY MAN Kristin Hutchinson Photo by Nick Rutter.jpg

Goosebumps 1.jpg

goosebumps alive / goosebumps kids; the vaults

We created a series of frosted square LED Tubes for the basement of a house where a man is experimenting with fusing human and plant DNA. They were individually controllable and colour changing, along with needing to be bright enough to be the primary source of light in the space.

Director: Tom Salamon
LD: Charlie Morgan Jones

goosebumps alive / goosebumps kids; the vaults

"Wouldn't it be great if we could have a sun made of forty birdies shining down from the corner of the ceiling in the Scarecrow scene..." joked the Lighting Designer.

So obviously, we set about making it.

Birdies were controllable in pairs, channeled from the top left to the bottom right of the Sun so we could simulate the effect of crows flying over and blocking out the sun.

Director: Tom Salamon
LD: Charlie Morgan Jones

the eulogy of toby peach; uk tour

We created six frosted RGB LED Tubes to hang at the rear of the set for Toby Peach's critically acclaimed monologue, The Eulogy of Toby Peach,  to the design of LD Jamie Platt. The tubes hung from extremely thin steel wire rope, with cabling for each individually controllable tube all running back to one single controller at the end of the bar.

LD: Jamie Platt


PWLX supplied and installed a number of LED pieces for the Son of a Preacher Man UK Tour, to the specifications of the LD and Production Designer. These included an RGB LED Surround on the Show Portal; WW LED highlights in the Show Portal Shelving and on an upstage flown arch; WW LED in display cabinets within the moving walls of a shop truck; wireless DMX and Dimming to some RGBW LED tape in a coffee machine and a cake trolley; RGB and Solid Colour Neon Flex surrounding a guitar and some lettering; and two LED Fluorescents with both functional fluorescent tubes, and RGBW LED Tape within them for use during songs. We also supplied the hire of all Wireless DMX/Dimming, 16b TV Quality LED drivers, and Power Supplies; along with the sales of all the LED Tape and Neon Flex.

LD: Richard G Jones
Designer: Morgan Large



disco galactica; loulou's private members' club

We were brought in to install around 200m of RGB Mini Neon Flex and 100m of RGB LED Tape to an event in a Mayfair Private Member's Club for a London Fashion Week after party in September 2017. Alex Marshall Design created the concept and plans, using us along with others to carry out the install over two days throughout the club. 

LD: Alex Marshall
Prod LX: Mitch Andrews



We built and supplied 60x 1m and 20x 2m lengths of 24v RGBW LED Tape Extrusion to the Puma Futures product launch in January 2018, at Ambika P3. The extrusions were laid out throughout the space attached to stairswells, pillars, and fencing, and all powered through our 16 bit 24ch LED Driver Racks and controlled via MA2. 

LD: Alex Marshall
Prod LX: Mitch Andrews


“Remember the birdie sun (above)? Now picture it with PAR64s and Pinspots……..”


So we built another sun, just bigger! 19 Short Nose PAR 64s, 32 Pinspots, and some LED tape just for good measure. All mounted on a 1.8m diameter scaffold and wood frame, flown in the National Centre for Circus Arts as part of Les Enfants Terribles’ immersive theatre piece for the launch of the Canon Eos R Camera in September 2018. We also supplied 192 ways of LED dimming to the show, an EL Wire installation, and some custom RGB Fake Fluorescent tubes.

LD: Charlie Morgan Jones
Producer: Les Enfants Terribles

Canon Sun.jpg



We were approached to supply the Set Electrics and Wireless Dimming / Control to the League of Gentlemen UK Arena Tour 2018. This included an abundance of LED Tape, 12v Practical Lamps, Wireless control solutions, LED Candles, and of course a giant villain style laser construction, complete with moving light inside, LED tape, Neon Flex, and novelty oversized light up control panel!

LD: Richard G Jones
Producer: Phil McIntyre



Having supplied a multitude of Aluminium Extrusion based LED tape tubes in the past, here’s some UV ones now! 20 of these, all battery powered and complete with inline dimming, were supplied for an event at the Guildhall in London, in August 2018.

LD: Alex Marshall

Dr dolittle; uk tour 2018/19


Who doesn’t love spending two days fitting LED tape into a giant snail! We certainly do, so that’s what we did for the UK tour of Dr Dolittle. After all, is your 4.5m high shelled gastropod even worth having if its spirals don’t glow red, green, blue and warm white?

LD: Chris Davey

Prod LX: Andy Murrell

THE SOUND AFFECT; Les enfants terribles

Set electrics for this immersive product launch on behalf of Ikea and Sonos involved a total of 350m of LED tape, Pixel Tape and Neon Flex, spread across 270 channels of dimming, mounted in things like chairs, tubes, extrusions, trees, table lamps, and jetties, all to be installed within two days. We think the photos speak for themselves!

LD: Jack Weir

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Ikea 3.jpg
Ikea 1.jpg
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